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A project by Germán López, Althay Páez, Yone Rodríguez & Beselch Rodríguez

Timples And Other Small Guitars From The World is a wonderful project born out of the creativity of the eight hands of its main characters: Germán López (Gran Canaria), Althay Páez (Fuerteventura), Yone Rodríguez (Gran Canaria) and Beselch Rodríguez (Tenerife). These four young performers are some of the most prominent members of the new generation of timple players emerged in the Canary Islands and who are interested in the search of a global roots sound. All of them have left all the geographical barriers behind in order to start a new music path together supporting the timple, unity in critical times and the relationship the Camellito -local name for the Timple- maintains with other instruments alike around the world. What better time than this, when reality is beyond us, to join forces?

Timples And Other Small Guitars From The World emerged from each of their members´ personal interests and career paths, as well as the pooling of their points of view on music. Not only does this initiative boost the leading role of the Timple, but it also connects the Canary Islands with other regions through their own folk music and their traditional instruments. During one hour and a half of concert, the timple players will swap ukuleles, cavaquinhos, cuatros, charangos, timples and contras, in a frenzy of sounds, timbres and virtuosity, taking the audience on a journey through places such as Venezuela, Hawaii, Brazil and, of course, the Canary Islands. Smiles and laughter, conspiratorial winks and looks, games and jokes will follow while a large number of instruments come to life on stage. Instruments which, despite the distance, seem to have a common home, being currently a sign of identity of each of their countries of origin.

Besides, each instrument becomes a bridge that links the country where it is from to the music and idiosyncrasy of its people. And in the centre of all those connected regions, lay the Canary Islands. Music made in these islands for the rest of the world.

This project also counts on the priceless contribution done by Leandro Ojeda (double bass) and Jonathan Campos (voice), contribution which bind together the final result, thus achieving a compact sound that attracts the viewer from the beginning to the end in a concert full of surprises.

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