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¡Hello! I have made this videos to tell you some important things about my career, who I am and the projects I have done in recent years. I hope this helps you to know what I do in a closer way.

Early days (5 minutes)
Albums (5 minutes)
Timpleland (4:30 minutes)
Timple Meets India (4 minutes)
Timples and Other Small Guitars of the World (4:30 minutes)
Women, from the Voice to the World (4 minutes)
Colaborations (2:30 minutes)


Beselch Rodríguez is one the most important members of the new generation of timple players in the Canary Islands who are interested in the search of a global sound which comes from tradition. He is a self-taught with his own particular concept of music – being able to merge different styles and new techniques in order to bring his audience renewed contemporary sounds based on his roots. He is also the prime force behind the electric timple.

Born in La Laguna (Tenerife) in November 1984, he discovered the timple when he was 12 after inheriting his Grandfather’s instrument. From that moment on, he started a journey through folklore and traditional music. This enterprising young man, together with his band, developed new and innovative routes searching for new goals. More recently, with two albums already released, his sound defines an artist who plays tunes which are full of mastery, discipline and energy on the stage which are the sum of many experiences and a constant desire to evolve.

He holds the following honours: 1ST prize (shared) of the Juventud y Cultura contest for timple organized by the Government of the Canary Islands and SOCAEM (2000). He was also selected by INJUVE (National Institute of Youth Development) in Spain as one of the three groups/artists to be part of a great initiative of concerts around Spain in cities such as Segovia, Murcia or Getxo (2004).

He has released three albums: In-diferente (2009), Hábitat (2012) and Timples y Otras Pequeñas Guitarras del Mundo (2015), this last one together with other young timple players from the Islands.

Together with Multitrack Studios, his regular management office, he has directed, produced and performed the following productions with the timple as the core element: Hábitat (2012), Timpleland (2013), Timple Meets India (2014), Timples y Otras Pequeñas Guitarras del Mundo (2014), Mujeres: de la Voz al Mundo (2015), Timple Meets Madeira (2016) and Timple Meets Morocco (2018).

Moreover, it is worth stressing that he has also played in the following festivals: Cartagena Folk Festival (2004), Segovia Folk Festival (2004), XX Getxo International Folk Festival (2004), XXII Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (2010), Costa Rica Internacional Art Festival (2010), Tenerife International Cinema Music Festival (FIMUCITÉ, 2013), FIMUCINEMA (2013), Feria Internacional de la Guitarra de España (Guitar Fair, 2014), Bimbache Open Art/Bimbache Jazz y Raíces (2012, 2013 and 2015), Bolivia International Jazz Festival (Festijazz, 2015), Festival Cordas, Isla de Pico, Azores (2016 and 2018), Festival Raízes do Atlántico, Funchal, Madeira (2017) and Alasalarte de Canarias, Agadir, Marruecos (2018).

Besides that, Beselch Rodríguez has collaborated with the following groups and artists: Troveros de Asieta, Fabiola Socas, Francis Hernández y Species in “Mis Padres, Mis Abuelos y Yo” show, Chago Melián in “Al Emigrante” y “Atlántico” shows, Mestisay and Taburiente in “En Busca de Valentina”, Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, Kepa Junkera, Brandania, Madera de Choro, Moise González, Blanca Casañas, Miguel Afonso, Ima Galguén, Takesi (Bolivia – México) and Star D´Choir.

During the Canary Islands Day in 2012, Beselch Rodríguez introduced an electric timple designed by himself in cooperation with Jonathan Mann, an American luthier opening the possibility of the timple to be part of the family of steel-string electric instruments and creating a brand new sound to be explored.

And this is my music

Learn a little more about my work through these songs