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A project by Claudia Álamo & Beselch Rodríguez

Since 2015, Claudia Álamo and Beselch Rodríguez have been taking the stages of the Canary Islands with their show Mujeres, de la Voz al Mundo, in which both artists, together with a powerful band, reinterpret an exquisite selection of songs originally performed and played by women from the five continents.

Together with Jeremías Martín (piano, keyboard and accordion), Carlos Perdomo (electric bass and double bass) y Fede Beuster (drums), Claudia and Beselch form a quintet which has delighted the audience from an ethnic yet current cultural idea. All of this embellished from the particular influence the music done in the Canary Islands as well as each of their personal experiences have had on them.

Women depicting different social and cultural realities. Women who are activist, supportive, sensitive, committed and optimistic. Free hearts. Oppressed hearts. Brave, fighters, sufferers. This is what the women of the world are like.

It is from the relationship between women, the world and their circumstances where a great number of voices have originated. Voices spred worldwide and whose songs have left a mark in the souls of millions of people. Women who, almost unconsciously, have brought a message to humanity. Personal reflexions made songs that reflect a culture, a geographic region, a thought or a feeling. Voices with personality, character, with those ethnic peculiarities by which a race or place could be easily identified. Universal voices.

Under the idea above Mujeres: de la Voz al Mundo was born. A project in which Claudia Álamo´s voice (El Hierro) and Beselch Rodríguez timple´s (Tenerife), from their perspective of young Canarian artists, redefine the most ethnic key role of women in history.

Claudia and Beselch, joined on the stage by an extraordinary three-piece band, propose a journey around the world, reinterpreting some of the most moving and charming songs performed by women in a series of concerts with only one goal: that the echo of the songs that one day captivated us and still continue to dazzle us decades later remains in our memory.

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