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A fusion project between the Canary Islands and Morocco

This world music project, created by the Moroccan multi-instrumentalist Kino Ait Idrissen and the virtuoso timple player Beselch Rodríguez, aims at bringing the traditional sounds, chants and ethnic instruments from both Morocco and the Canary Islands closer. Thus, both artists get together in a concert in which fusion plays the key role to a selection of traditional songs totally arranged under Kino and Beselch´s points of view about music.

During this one-hour concert, the audience will listen to songs of Gnawa style, Berber and Moroccan origins, apart from traditional Canarian music such as sorondongos, polcas and malagueñas. In all these songs Kino and Beselch mix their hometowns ideas and sounds, accompanied by a powerful band of talented musicians who, by using keyboards, drum sets and bass guitars, clearly state that root music is more present than ever before.

Morocco is the closest country to the Canary Islands. Due to this geographical closeness, there has always been a constant flow of people coming and going, which is nowadays reduced to tourism and institutional relations. In fact, it is widely accepted that the first settlers of the Canary Islands were Berbers or Amazighes, the inhabitants of a group of towns in the north of Africa, from Egypt to the Canary Islands, passing through Morocco, and who used to share roots and common cultural and linguistic features.

The Amazigh origins of the first settlers of the Islands and the interactions taking place between Canarians and Berbers during centuries have led to a cultural exchange of which some vestiges remain, yet these are not so evident nowadays.


Beginning: 2018
Length: 60 minutes
Band: 7 musicians
Other members: sound technician

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