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Since 2015, Claudia Álamo and Beselch Rodríguez have been taking the stages of the Canary Islands with their show Women, from the Voice to the World, in which both artists, together with a powerful band, reinterpret an exquisite selection of national and international songs originally performed and played by women, some of whom are well-known and others less famous. Developing this ethnic yet current cultural idea along the years has led to a second music proposal, this time as a trio, which has been named after their members, with the aim of personalising the project.

Claudia Álamo´s voice and Beselch Rodríguez´ timple are accompanied on the piano by David González. They all join together in a 45-minute repertory which oscillates between traditional rhythms and other multiple musical pieces belonging to different styles, taking the audience by storm and proving what this little Canarian instrument is able to perform and transmit. This project is constantly thought and embellished by the artists leading it, considering the particular influence the music done in the Canary Islands has had and continues having on them as well as each of their personal experiences.


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